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Went up to Camp Arrowhead where I spent several summers as a camp counselor after high school. The drive up was very different from that of the summers of 1974-6. Lots of construction, summer homes, rentals, anc commercial buildings in places that should not have been built on, many, many people and cars, a new bridge in process over the Indian River inlet. The camp it self was chnged far less, there were a few new buildings, and fewer trees and a much more open understory in the woods. The bug population was, however, unabated!

Dinner at Crabby Dick's which seems to employ the same graphic artists as Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn. Slightly salacious slogans and designs. I resisted....

Nice sunset from cousin Betty's place on fenwick Island.

Tommorrow making our way back to Harrisburg PA where mom attends a conference and gets an award.
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Penny went home to Boston on Monday. Mom and I started a road trip on Tuesday. We drove down to annapolis to vist a friend who lives in a retirement community. Her husband and dad passed away within a day of each other. They were long time friends.

We drove down the finally finished route 322. Wow cool folding of the rocks in the new road cuts! some of them are nearly vertically beded. (rocks are always cool)

Today we are in Denton MD, where it is going to be 90+. On our way to Fenwick Island to see mom's cousin Betty. perhaps we will also go by the summer camp worked at while I was in College.

On the Road....
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I have been in PA for about a week. My sister I met in State College to continue the wrapping up of Dad's estate. In the Month or so since dad passed away, we have achieved many of the tasks on the list.

cleaned out his trailer (fixed the iffy floor) and put it on the market for sale (see Craig's list for ad, in State College PA)

found a home for his cat, said home seemed to have lost and now found (or at least sited) said cat,

moved many things out of his trailer to new homes, a storage place, the goodwill, the other sister's garage (she seems to have gotten all the hoarding genes)

Cleaned out the scary storage space out by the HArley Castle - aka THe Iron Horse Ranch an amazing place. It mostly went to an auction house, I grabbed a few jewelry and metal working tools. Already shipped them to WA in 2 1' x 1' x1' boxes.

More later Mom wants to get breakfast
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It is definitely fall. The weather has changed, the leaves are turning, the garden is winding down. The young hens are laying their first eggs, by the waterer, in the food bucket, in the mud.... The old hens are really slowing down, the 1st two batches of roosters are getting big, soon they will go off to the meat shop in tacoma and come back for the freezer. The basil needs to be harvested and made into pesto, the potatoes need to be dug, the beans really need picking, and the house needs cleaning.

Today is the 1st day off (full day off) I have had in about 3 weeks . The students have pillaged the bookstore. I am certainly tired...

Current Mood: tired tired

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It is tomato weather, they like it, I don't. 

I made cheese this morning at the goat farm. The air temp was as warm or warmer than the temp of the cheese kettle - by 10 am!   We made a pepper jack because we can get out of the cheese kitchen faster.  I also packaged up some year old gouda like cheese - wow it is really good.
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Last night we went to a couple of art openings (actually 3 but two of them were in galleries next door.) Bill had items in all three galleries.

It was hot in Tacoma (and olympia) I usually don't go to these things, because we get home so late. I don't last much past 10pm. It was a fun evening, lots of interesting art, good conversation and contacts made.

Today is laundry, garlic harvesting, weeding and all sorts of other house stuff.
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Chickens are very stupid.  One of the smallest chicks crawled into the narrow necked mason jar that is the reservoir for the feeder (I can't even begin to figure out how they managed to unscrew it from the feeder.)  We had to break the jar as we couldn't get her out otherwise.
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We like garlic, we like it alot.... We have 2,000 heads in the ground (Bill counts stuff like that.) and at least 7 varieties which I can only name 6 at the moment.

  I don't know, but I do know that we have been eating the scapes (the flower spike for hard neck garlic) for the past two weeks.  I have come to the end of the scapes, after 85 jars of pickled garlic (note to self buy more jars for the beans in a month or so) 14 tubs of garlic scape pesto in the freezer and a few scapes to blanch and freeze (experiment time.)  I ran out of jars and mustard seed at about the same time.

For our SCA friends, we won't be at the War.  The Bookstore has scheduled inventory for the 1,2 and 6 of July. 

Boy am I tired.  I am not sure I am going to stir from the property all weekend, I have to leave the house to tend the garden, the chickens and the incubator, I might walk to the bakery, and then again I might not.....
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I spent Saturday and Sunday at the goat farm, making cheese.  Chedder with Ale soaked mustard seeds, made about 20 pounds of it.  We cleaned out the cheese cave, added a new shelf unit and sorted cheese.  We  tasted some of the wheels before packaging them for sale.  Th 12 month Cheddar n 10 pound wheels was very nice - sharp!  the year old jack was a nice dry jack.  We also figured out how to package teh haloumi in brine with teh vacuum packer.

The garlic is growing nicely, the potaoes are up.

omorrow is house chores, lawn mowing and repotting plants. Oh and dishes....
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Yesterday I went to the Seattle cheese festival - going on today as well.

Lots of cheese, I wandered around with some folks from the Madrone Culinary guild and then went to some seminars.  Tasted way too much cheese, drank some wine and then went to another cheese tasting put on by the Mons compay from France - really nice cheeses!  Didn't bring home too many samples.

Too many cheeses to list.  Some day I am going to visit the Mons company and their 5 or 6 caves....

Picked up some Rose water, couscous and fine bulger at the Souk and mustard seed and Tea from World spice.

Now it is off to mow the meadow that is passing as our lawn.....
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